Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Prayer

So every night Hailey and I have been reading scriptures and saying prayers together. Eric is away at school during this time and she is usually asleep before he comes home, but last night Hailey was up pretty late and Eric got to have family prayer with us. It was such a wonderful feeling to all be together saying our night time prayer. Hailey is so dang cute because she folds her arms and will keep them folded for the whole prayer. She is to the point now when I say " Hailey ready to go night night?" she will run over with her arms folded and blink her eyes a lot (trying to close them) she hasn't gotten the whole eyes closed part yet but she will say "ama" at the end of the prayer for "amen" I love hearing her little "ama". She also folds her arm when she is in her high chair for like a second before reaching for her food. I just can't believe how much she is learning everyday. Watching her discover our world and be excited about so many things brings us so much happiness. Love you Hailey!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I can do All by myself (that mommy isn't ready for)

So the last couple of days I have caught Hailey doing things I didn't know she could do all on her own. The other day I was making dinner and Hailey was in our living room. I heard her make her ( I'm stuck) noise and thought "oh great what has she gotten into or onto today" well I was very surprised to see her like this half in half on her stroller so before helping her I laughed and had to grab the camera, by the time I got the picture I realized she was able to get even more into her stroller on her own and the next couple of pix show that she can get in it all by herself.

Today I was taking a shower and I though I heard water start to run (besides the shower water) and I got nervous thinking that she climbed in the tub and turned on the water. A big fear of mine, since she has learned how to get in the tub on her own, is that she will discover how to turn on the hot water and get burned, so I threw our shower curtain open, but she was not in the tub. She learned how to climb on the toilet, turn on the sink faucet, get her toothbrush, and yep brush her own teeth.

Hailey also has learned how to undress herself completely diaper and all. This is a picture of her after she has taken off her outfit for the day and replaced it with just her Mickey beanie. I guess that is all she wanted to wear that day :)
Hailey also loves to help with the laundry which means throwing all the folded clothes out of the basket or throwing whatever she can find into our dryer while I am taking the clothes out of it. 

She is also going to be in a wedding in July as the flower girl and loves to practice throwing the petals :)

 So anyways our little 16 month old is growing up way too fast and is discovering new things she can do by herself everyday. I never know what to expect when walk into a room she is playing in, but we are loving every minute of our sweet baby girl and all her energy!!!! She is so so much fun and such a good baby girl. I think she is going to love being a big sister!!!! <3We are blessed everyday by her <3 
Just some other pictures of her....
desitin anyone?

I wore these same adorable overalls when I was Hailey's age. Thanks mom for saving some of my baby clothes.

loves to feed herself

I just love love love this picture of her

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines 2011


valentine shoes

spoiled by grandma

mommy and me

Valentines at Disney

We opened the envelope and It's a....

So on Valentine's Day 2009 Eric and I found out we were pregnant with Hailey. We weren't planning on opening the envelope, but on Valentine's Day morning this year I woke up really anxious and all I could think about was this little baby inside of me. Eric and I (for some reason) were just like 90% sure we were having a boy this time. Just a feeling I guess maybe mother intuition who knows, but Eric really felt it too. When we saw our ultra sound Eric said it is a boy because the baby was kicking like a boy :) I was just cracking up at this, he is so silly anyways Eric kept on teasing me like "oh what is this and pretending like he was going to peek in the envelope or something" so that wasn't helping me trying to ignore the little envelope anyways after a lot of going back and forth ( because we honestly had so much fun last time with Hailey being a surprise) we decided ( since we both really already new in our hearts that it's a boy) to just look at it and see what it would be like knowing this time around so we opened it and dundadadun.... IT'S A BOY !!!! WERE HAVING A BABY BOY THIS SUMMER!!!! HAILEY IS GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER!!!! and we are just so so excited!!!! So we know this time. Not sure what we will do with the next ones, but I can't wait to go shopping :) And Eric has this huge everlasting grin on his face that he is having a son :) I know I am way excited, but you should just see how excited Eric is :) Hailey is his little girl and loves him to death and Eric is just the happiest thing when he is playing with her and cuddling her, but I know us having a boy is so exciting for him :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a....

So we had our 20 week ultra sound today and everything looks great. Our little baby moved a ton and would just kick and kick it's legs. It is so amazing to see life moving inside of you :) The Dr. said the baby is developing well and looks healthy and strong :) I just can't get over how exciting it is to be pregnant ok anyways....When I was pregnant with Hailey we didn't find out the sex until she was born and that was so fun to have a surprise!!!! We really enjoyed it. So for this time our plan was to have another surprise, but then I started going back and forth between knowing and not knowing well when Eric and I got to the Dr. I was still unsure...... Anyways it is definitely for sure we are having a ..... BABY :)  so we didn't find out and we will be having another surprise except this time we had him send the results home in an envelope. Yep it is sitting right there on the table just wanting to be opened so until we change our minds (which may not happen because Eric really likes it being a surprise ) we will just have to wait until summer.... so until then we love you little baby and anxiously await for your arrival :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Playing Tag with Chip n' Dale and Hugging Goofy

We had so much fun at Disneyland on Wednesday. When we got to the park music was playing and Hailey was laughing and dancing away in her stroller. We saw Chip n' Dale and Hailey was so excited they ran around and played tag with her and peek-a-boo. Hailey wanted to hug them so she would scrunch down real low and pat her leg because that is what she does for our dog Rusty to come to her, anyways they just kept on running away and Hailey would laugh and chase them. I felt bad because a long line was forming, so we went over to Goofy to where there was no line. She went up to him, arms outstretched to hug him. He gave her a big hug and would not let her go. Each time I went to get Hailey, he would make a funny noise and turn away holding her and Hailey would wave bye to me so that she could stay with him. Well then a line started forming there too and I was trying to let other people have a turn, but Goofy was being silly and wouldn't let her go. He would just tickle her with his ear (Hailey loves fuzzy things on her cheek) and hug her. Finally one of the people that stands out there to watch the characters convinced Goofy to let her go, but he gave her lots of kisses first. It was so much fun to have her actually interact with characters and play around. I love going when the park is not very crowded. It was a really fun Disney day!!!!