Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse at Midnight

It was so much fun to celebrate my friend Brittany's Birthday with going to see Eclipse (it came out last night in honor of her b-day :) jk.) but we really had so much fun just being silly and watching the vampires and wolves :)

new things :)

Hailey had a lot of fun with her friends Dex, Gwen, Evelyn, and Aubrey. Thanks guys for a great lunch!!!! She also is having a lot of fun walking with her toy and standing in her crib or anywhere she can. The other night I thought she was asleep and went to go and turn off her night light and found her as seen in the pix. Then the other day she was in her crib taking a nap and I heard her mobile music turn on and found her standing next to it pushing the buttons (guess she wanted to hear some music :) I just love watching her walk with the help of her toy lawn mower thing she is so little and cute :) Oh and she loves to be a drummer and use our pots and pans as instruments in the kitchen.

Hailey's first words :)

Hailey has been learning her very first words :) We are so excited for her. She has learned to say 'up' and put her arms up in the air, especially when she wants out of her saucer or pack n play, she crawls around the house following me saying 'ababamama' or just 'mama' when Eric has her and she reaches for me. She has been saying dada for a long time and now says it a lot when Eric comes home from work just like to herself like a song dadadadada, she knows the word clap and claps her hands, if you ask her where's my eyes???? she will try and grab your eyes off your face (so watch out) she is not always gentle, and she will copy you waving hi, and says 'hahahaha' , but she hasn't said hi yet and now we are working on the word go. :) We are just having so much fun with her.... I am not sure why she mostly calls me 'ababamama, but I think it is really funny :) oh and when she climbs up on something or stands holding on to something she thinks she is so tricky and does this cute little 'look at me' laugh and looks at you to see if you are watching and if you don't look at her she laughs and screams louder until you look at her :) so so funny :) and lastly she is leaning the word uhah and no, she is pretty good to stop when you say it to her, but sometimes she will stop for a second and then crawl or move faster towards what she knows she shouldn't be getting or look at you and two little sniffles like she is sad that you told her no what a silly baby girl :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

crawling and climbing

Well yesterday, the first day of Summer, our little girl decided it was time to crawl and climb. She is just gogogo everywhere and pulling herself up and climbing into and onto everything she tests out and decides is steady enough to support her. She is so cute.... she wiggles and tries to shake what she is going to pull herself up on first and then she goes right on up, however, she doesn't always guess right and sometimes gets scared when the object moves on her and she plops down. It is definitely time to baby proof our home and put up all of pretty things that she is just so drawn to. Of course she is now wanting everything she is not suppose to be getting. What a crazy little baby. I should of known she would be into everything she has just been so energetic since before day one. It will be so much fun chasing her around :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

8 month(almost) check up

Well our doctor is finally happy with Hailey's weight :) she is growing just as she should be, supplementing with formula has really helped her gain a little and she is so much happier now :) She is weighing at 16 pounds 3 ounces and is 28 inches long, so still a little slim for her height, but way way better than before. So she has gained exactly 3 pounds and grown about an inch and 1/2 since her last appointment which was 2 months ago :) so yeah for Hailey :) It feels so great to have a happy and healthy baby girl!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

growing up....

So our little girl is just doing so many new things. she has learned how to pull herself up onto her knees and loves to try and get our dvd player, if she is scooting (not really crawling yet) towards something she can't have and we tell her no or say uhah she looks at us for a minute and then she tries to move towards it faster, she loves to get on her hands and her feet so she is like an upside down v and rock back and forth, she loves her little tikes outdoor swing, she loves to walk around when we hold her hands :) she takes a couple of steps and then stands and does like a little hula dance and and then takes a few more steps, she loved going swimming in great grandma's pool, she has learned the words (up) and (hugs), she loves to hug her stuffed animals and squeeze them really tight and lets out a high pitched scream, she has developed different (calls) for Eric and me, she says lots of different sounds, but nothing cognitivaley yet (mmmmmmmmmmmmammmma) was finally one of them :) she can go from a crawling to a sitting position and back again,and can sit up from a laying down position, she loves to (read) books meaning she opens them and turns the pages and makes sounds as she does it, and she is working on giving high fives :) i just can't believe how much she is growing up :) it is all so exciting :)oh also her top teeth are coming in, the teething stage is no fun, but it is going better than when she got her bottom two so that is good. oh and one more thing she loves to play with our puppy dog Rusty she lays down and pats her hand at him until he comes over to her with a toy and then they play tug a war with it or he runs away and she scoots after him and she is learning to roll his ball to him :) it is so much fun to watch :) we love you Hailey :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hailey's Sunset Picture


Eric took this picture with his early Father's Day present.He has really wanted a digital slr camera and is loving it :) The background could have been better, but our little baby looks really cute and is all smiley :)
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

pretty pictures of Hailey