Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lucky Us!!!!

Well where should we begin???? A lot has happened the last couple of weeks that will be life changing experiences for Eric and I. First, I am about 8 weeks and 5 days pregnant!!!! We are so excited and are so looking forward to our little baby. We went to the doctor today and got to see the babies heart beat for the first time. What a miracle it is. It is the neatest feeling to have life inside of you and to get to see it grow every few weeks. We are expecting the baby on
October 12, 2009, just 6 days before my 26th birthday :) All of this extreme morning sickness, that lasts longer than just the morning, will definitely be worth it!!!! The next best news is that Eric and I have bought a home!!!! So we will be moving to Downey in a couple of weeks ( my old stomping grounds) It is a beautiful home and we feel so blessed. I knew the older couple, that use to live in it, very well. They have gone to heaven now and their children, whom are a little older than my parents, wanted nothing more than for Eric and I to make it a home again!!!! They were so generous and we just feel so blessed because of their compassion that we are able to afford it. It is a dream come true for us and I am so happy that Eric loves the home too!!!! Things are changing fast, but that is usually how it goes. Life is just an incredible journey!!!! Oh also Rusty is doing great he is 4 months old now and cute as ever!!!! He is excited for the baby too :)