Monday, September 20, 2010


Well yesterday Hailey turned 11 months old. We love her so much. Her new favorite thing to do is get her little purse and put things in it and show you what is inside and then take them out as fast she can throwing them everywhere. She absolutely loves to carry things wherever she walks, especially her purse. She also loves throwing a ball to our doggy and then giggles when he brings it back to her. They keep each other entertained and they are so funny to watch. Rusty (our dog) is so good with her :) She also loves to get a blanket and use it to play peek-a-boo with. She is really funny because she sometimes tries to put the blanket on her head and misses so like only 1/2 of her head is covered so then she closes her eyes and sits really still (this is about the only time she sits still) I am not sure if she thinks she is hiding or what, but then she will pull off the blanket really fast and give you the cheesiest so funny. She also likes anything that she can shake and or clank to  make noise, the louder the better :) Oh and the other day I walked into our living room and she had completely undressed herself, diaper, socks and all....crazy baby but there she was climbing into our dogs bed buck naked and then walking around as fast as she could, she looked so happy, but I had to get a diaper back on her. Hailey has also learned how to climb up onto our fireplace and how to get back down safely (thank goodness) she gets up there because that is where we have our terrarium for our leopard gecko (zippy) who is 14years old I have had him since I was 12. Anyways she loves to look at him and watch him walk around. We are trying to get her to say lizard or zippy, but no luck yet. Ok so that's our little update for her. We love you Hailey :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

AZ trip and some other pix

relaxing in the spa

cute bathing suit

waiting for great grandma and grandpa buffington to come out of the temple after their sealing :) Happy day!!!!

daddy's little girl


my favorite one :)

not wanting to look at the camera....

hi mom
loving the hoodie

up close

eric's fav out of this batch

eating a stick

i think her face is so so funny, she did not like that stick

beep beep

time to eat

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hailey is walking

Hey everyone our 10 1/2 month old is walking :) She has been walking by hanging on to people for the last couple of months, but today she took her first steps all by herself !!!! The best part is that we were at Hailey's great grandma (GG's) House celebrating GG's birthday. GG turned 71 today and Hailey wanted to give her a special birthday surprise by walking for her. It is just so exciting to watch her walk back and forth between us. Thank you to everyone who has helped her practice walking, that is all she has wanted to do the last couple of weeks is hang onto anything she can and walk, and I have made sure to carry my video camera everywhere and it is a good thing too because we were able to catch her first steps on camera :) We love you sweet girl, congratulations on taking your very first steps!!!! Love ya!!!!
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