Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 months and very very ready!!!!

It's the last month and I am very ready. I am really looking forward to being able to sleep on my stomach again. I think I miss that more than anything. It's my favorite way to sleep and I have not been able to forever. I also am looking forward to my feet and the rest of me being not swollen anymore. Eric came home from work the other day and after giving me a kiss he looks at me and goes.... babe even your forehead is swollen....thanks alot.....hahaha. It was the truth though. I could press my finger on my forehead and a little dent would be there :( oh well I guess it is all apart of getting to become a mother :) and pretty soon I hopefully will be back to my normal self. Also, this morning I was walking to our garage to get into the car to go to my doctors appointment. I must have stood at the little side garage door for about 20 seconds trying to open it except I was using my car remote thing and not the key.... when I realized what I was doing I just started to laugh....I think the stuff they say about loosing some of your mind while you are pregnant has taken affect on me, lets just say a few things have happened lately that has brought Eric a lot of laughter. Anyways we both are super excited for this little baby, especially to find out if it is a boy or girl :) Whatever it is, it is very active and moves and jumps around all of the time and likes to play tag with Eric meaning that Eric can tap on my stomach and the baby will start kicking or hitting back in that same spot. If Eric starts tapping in another spot the baby moves there. It is really neat!!!!

Happy 25th birthday Honey!!!!

On September 11th it was Eric's happy birthday!!!! It was also our ward conference temple night. So after surprising him at work with a tres leches cake and opening presents, we went to the temple. It was a very nice way to spend his birthday!!!!


We love our puppy :) He loves to play with his ball, hide in our pillows, play with his best friend (my brother's dog Molly) smell the garden, and take pictures!!!!