Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I can do All by myself (that mommy isn't ready for)

So the last couple of days I have caught Hailey doing things I didn't know she could do all on her own. The other day I was making dinner and Hailey was in our living room. I heard her make her ( I'm stuck) noise and thought "oh great what has she gotten into or onto today" well I was very surprised to see her like this half in half on her stroller so before helping her I laughed and had to grab the camera, by the time I got the picture I realized she was able to get even more into her stroller on her own and the next couple of pix show that she can get in it all by herself.

Today I was taking a shower and I though I heard water start to run (besides the shower water) and I got nervous thinking that she climbed in the tub and turned on the water. A big fear of mine, since she has learned how to get in the tub on her own, is that she will discover how to turn on the hot water and get burned, so I threw our shower curtain open, but she was not in the tub. She learned how to climb on the toilet, turn on the sink faucet, get her toothbrush, and yep brush her own teeth.

Hailey also has learned how to undress herself completely diaper and all. This is a picture of her after she has taken off her outfit for the day and replaced it with just her Mickey beanie. I guess that is all she wanted to wear that day :)
Hailey also loves to help with the laundry which means throwing all the folded clothes out of the basket or throwing whatever she can find into our dryer while I am taking the clothes out of it. 

She is also going to be in a wedding in July as the flower girl and loves to practice throwing the petals :)

 So anyways our little 16 month old is growing up way too fast and is discovering new things she can do by herself everyday. I never know what to expect when walk into a room she is playing in, but we are loving every minute of our sweet baby girl and all her energy!!!! She is so so much fun and such a good baby girl. I think she is going to love being a big sister!!!! <3We are blessed everyday by her <3 
Just some other pictures of her....
desitin anyone?

I wore these same adorable overalls when I was Hailey's age. Thanks mom for saving some of my baby clothes.

loves to feed herself

I just love love love this picture of her


~ Karina B.~ said...

Such a big girl! It's shocking what they can do from one day to the next. Jacob surprises me everyday and I'm sure there's more to come. Can't wait to move closer so the cousins can hang out more :)

Katie and Mark said...

She is so cute, and I love reading about all the things she is learning. Even though I love my kids (and their current ages), it makes me miss when they were little babies learning new things everyday. What fun moments in Mothering. :)

Jean said...

I love reading your posts all about the things Hailey is doing! I can't believe how quickly she is growing up....she will be a wonderful big sister!!! She is precious!