Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Prayer

So every night Hailey and I have been reading scriptures and saying prayers together. Eric is away at school during this time and she is usually asleep before he comes home, but last night Hailey was up pretty late and Eric got to have family prayer with us. It was such a wonderful feeling to all be together saying our night time prayer. Hailey is so dang cute because she folds her arms and will keep them folded for the whole prayer. She is to the point now when I say " Hailey ready to go night night?" she will run over with her arms folded and blink her eyes a lot (trying to close them) she hasn't gotten the whole eyes closed part yet but she will say "ama" at the end of the prayer for "amen" I love hearing her little "ama". She also folds her arm when she is in her high chair for like a second before reaching for her food. I just can't believe how much she is learning everyday. Watching her discover our world and be excited about so many things brings us so much happiness. Love you Hailey!!!!


Kellie said...

HEATHER! You're such a good mom, and Hailey is so CUTE!