Friday, February 4, 2011

Playing Tag with Chip n' Dale and Hugging Goofy

We had so much fun at Disneyland on Wednesday. When we got to the park music was playing and Hailey was laughing and dancing away in her stroller. We saw Chip n' Dale and Hailey was so excited they ran around and played tag with her and peek-a-boo. Hailey wanted to hug them so she would scrunch down real low and pat her leg because that is what she does for our dog Rusty to come to her, anyways they just kept on running away and Hailey would laugh and chase them. I felt bad because a long line was forming, so we went over to Goofy to where there was no line. She went up to him, arms outstretched to hug him. He gave her a big hug and would not let her go. Each time I went to get Hailey, he would make a funny noise and turn away holding her and Hailey would wave bye to me so that she could stay with him. Well then a line started forming there too and I was trying to let other people have a turn, but Goofy was being silly and wouldn't let her go. He would just tickle her with his ear (Hailey loves fuzzy things on her cheek) and hug her. Finally one of the people that stands out there to watch the characters convinced Goofy to let her go, but he gave her lots of kisses first. It was so much fun to have her actually interact with characters and play around. I love going when the park is not very crowded. It was a really fun Disney day!!!!


~ Karina B.~ said...

Disneyland on a Wednesday. I'm jealous! :(