Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just having Fun at 16 months

Playing with cousin Jacob

 Great Grandpa Buffington
Great Grandma Buffington
 Trying to get a pix of her in her cute hat....
 climbing a mountain
Playing in the tree!!!!
Giving her dolly and horsey a ride on her quad
 So the funnest part about being a mom this month is walking into a room and having no idea what I am going to find my creative little girl up to. I spend most of my day just laughing at what she comes up with to do with things around our house. She is just such a creative and very fun girl.

Loves to push her Mickey Mouse around in her car

wearing daddy's shoe


she totally set up this tea party for her little pals, so cute how she has them all

giddy up dolly

trying to watch a dvd by herself, she just put it in the vhs spot instead

loves playing with rolly pollies

Loves taking bubble baths. Whenever the bath water starts she squeals BUBBLES and runs to get them :)

always wants to wash her own hair


Jean said...

I love looking at pictures of her! She is the cutest little girl and I love her big grin and beautiful eyes! What a doll!