Tuesday, November 30, 2010

some new posts

I just wanted to put up some pictures of what Hailey has been up to lately. Her new favorite thing is too climb up her slide and slide down. She does this over and over and loves to roll her toys down it too!!!! She also loves to slide down all different ways she is so funny with it. Hailey also loves the water especially her bath. She has to be in there at least 15 minutes. I think it is her favorite place to play. We have to keep our bathroom door closed or she will climb in there or the shower any chance she gets. You can see from the pix how much she loves it :) We also took her to Disneyland for the first time. We spent all day there and I don't think she napped a wink. She would just sit as far forward as she could her stroller to see everything. When we first got in the park she was the first to spot Mickey and started pointing and saying his name over and over, so cute we had to get a pix right away. She was so good there!!!! Usually she doesn't like being stuck in her stroller or anything, but she was so entertained I don't think she noticed. Also, she loves rocking her babies in her baby crib. It is so funny she throws anything in there and rocks it as fast as she can. Hailey also is saying lots of words and makes lots of animals noises. Her favorite words are duck and ball. She says them like 50 times a day and if she sees animals on t.v. or in a book she stops whatever she is doing to say there sound. She is just growing up so fast and getting so smart. We love teaching her new things everyday and watching her discover and get excited about our world. She is so so much fun!!!!