Sunday, August 15, 2010

just some new stuff : >

Hey everyone our little baby girl is almost 10 months old. It just goes by so fast. We have been so blessed by our sweet girl, she makes us smile and laugh everyday. Some new things she is doing are.... standing on her own for about 10 seconds like she uses an object to help herself stand and then she will let go and smile and give a little giggle, looking at pictures and recognizing people in them, she says Jesus when we show her his picture :) Getting very clingy to her mama (I feel so loved :  > ) She is learning how to use a spoon and tries to feed herself which ends up in a huge mess, and she just loves loves water. We go outside to water our grass and flowers and she loves to try and catch the water coming out of the hose or the water that drips off of our hanging water pots. When she touches it she giggles and splashes it even more and when it gets on her face her whole face lights up and she gets the biggest smile and makes the funniest laugh ever :) We just love her so very much and each day brings new joy and surprises!!!! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer :)