Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day!!!! Hailey was so pretty in her red dress and adorable bib :) and Grandma and Grandpa spoiled her with lots of love and fun gifts :) However, Hailey was scared of one of her presents and still gets a big pouty face if you show it to her and that is the orange stuffed animal that goes along with the Dr. Suess Foot book. She is scared of it and does not like it all and tries to push it away from her if you put it too close, it is just so funny that she is scared of it. Maybe she will like in a month or two. Anyways we hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and are enjoying the Olympics :) GO TEAM USA!!!!


Westphal Family said...

She is so cute! I am so excited to see you guys... just a few days! Love you!

Jean said...

She is an the cutest valentine around!!! I love her smile! We wish y'all would plan a trip out this way with her...we would love it!!! :)