Tuesday, January 5, 2010

**Christmas, Blessing, and New Years**

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and great New Year!!!! It was so exciting to watch Hailey on her first Christmas and be together with family. On Saturday, December 26th we had Hailey blessed in our home. It was such a special day because a lot of our family was able to participate in her blessing. It was a neat experience to have such a strong spirit of love and family fill our home!!!! Here are some pictures of Hailey in the first of her 3 white dresses :) There is also a picture of her in her pretty pink tutu that Grandma gave her, one of Uncle Dustin, Hailey, and me on her blessing day, one of Great-Grandpa holding his two great-grandaughters, her first piggy back ride given by daddy, Hailey and Grandpa inside the Downey Rose Float....My dad drives the Rose Float in the New Years Day parade, it is so exciting to watch and help decorate the float and then see it on t.v. My dad loves it :), and one picture of her with a huge pretty grin while I was reading her a story :) Hailey loves being read too. Her eyes get so big each time I turn the page. She is just growing so fast. She smiles, laughs, and "talks" all the time. She is so much fun and tries to interact with anyone who talks to her. We just love our little girl to pieces!!!!


Mom's Place said...

Don't you love their expressions when you turn the page! Just wait until she gets more vocal!!!

Katie and Mark said...

She is beautiful!

Jarom & Crystal said...

I love the picture of her in the pink tutu, she is soooo precious!