Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our lake front property :)

We had a lot of fun in the rain :) water was coming up onto our front lawn in waves as cars drove by :) and I stood in the middle of our street with water over half way up my calves. I told Eric he better take a jet-ski to school instead of his truck :-P


Hillary Monroe said...

Oh, people may pity you now, but you're going to be the envy of the neighborhood when this summer you have green grass far longer than any of your neighbors! :) Seriously, though, a jet ski...not bad. :)

MEG said...

Now I know why people in California don't have basements! UUUUUUUUG that would be such a nightmare at our house!!!!!!

Mom's Place said...

Oh my goodness!!!! We have had that problem before!!! I swear we need to but a flat bottomed row boat or something. Just in case!