Friday, August 14, 2009

Lake Shasta

Hey Everyone,
I just got back from Lake Shasta!!!! It is my favorite place in the whole entire world!!!! I love how beautiful it is and all of the memories that have been made there with my family!!!! We go on a house boat every year for a fun week full of water skiing, jet skiing, intense card games, hiking, crazy tube rides, competitions of jumping, diving, and flipping off the house boat roof, starry nights full of shooting stars, watching wild life, and just enjoying our big family :) I love it there! I did not ski this year because of our little one on the way, but I did get to take it on careful jet ski rides, kayaks, a hike, and smooth, calm inner tube rides :) I am so excited for next year when our baby will get to experience Lake Shasta for reals!!!! He or she may be a little too young to ski, but it definitely will have fun jet ski rides :>