Monday, March 8, 2010

Well my 4 month old officially has her two bottom teeth!!!! I can't believe she already has teeth :( It goes by so so fast. For the past few weeks I thought Hailey might be on the brink of teething because she had a constant runny nose, which some say comes with teething because the body creates more saliva, and I was sure she wasn't sick. Anyways, she had just been chewing on everything and always drooling and getting really congested, then came the very rough night were nothing could comfort her and my wonderful mom came over and we sat up with Hailey all night so she was able to breath because she had been so congested that we couldn't lay her down without her nose filling with mucous stuff and she was just crying which made the congestion worse, so we sat up with her so she could sleep comfy....what a long night, but guess what the next day on March 1, 2010 up came a tooth :) Her very first pearly white on the bottom left front:) She is so cute with her little (very Sharp) tooth and this whole past week she just chews chews chews and then last night was another night of her being all grumpy and really congested and I thought "she must be getting another tooth" because there was another bump next to her already little tooth and tada yup this morning her second little tooth is barely peaking through, but it is definitely there so now she has her two bottom teeth. Oh and the good news is too that after her first tooth came in we got these terrific pill things that dissolve in her mouth and really seem to take the edge off of any discomfort she is having, so when I see her chewing on anything she gets a hold of and she does her little ( I am not feeling good ) cry I give her the pills and she is better and can even fall asleep!!!! so hurray for those because it is really helping her :)